Varnish Potential Evaluation System
By MPC (Membrane Patch Colorimetry)

Vartector detects the risk of turbine oil varnish ASTM D7843. The CIE delta E value, the optical colorimetric notation, is used to diagnose the risk of varnish formation.


Ferro-Mon monitors and diagnoses the amount of iron debris particles contained in the lubricating or hydraulic oil and provides signals at early stage when amount of wear particles reaches certain level, which is new concept of real time on-line monitoring system for ferromagnetic wear particles.

FAC Viscometer

Portable & Fast Kinematic Viscosity Tester

 SF-FAC02 is Kinematic Viscosity tester that is integrated with automatic cleaning system. It is designed to easily and quickly measure the kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils at different temperature on site.

3D X-Vision

Dual glass site vision provides an opportunity to monitor the condition of oil in-service. 

Double transparent glass prevents oil leakage when broken and good visibility even during long operation by adopting material not contaminated by sludge or varnish


Vertical and Horizontal to monitor the condition of water in oil condition in-service. 

To protect the crack occurring for any condition, an additional chamber protects inner sight glass crack.

Two chambers are connected by thread and visualize oil and water separation by free water, emulsibility for oil condition.



The Solution for Removal & Monitoring of Particle, Sludge, Varnish, Acid and Water by ONE unit.

Particle and water contamination in lubricant and hydraulic oils cause serious operating problem such as shortening the life of system.

Also, organic oxide such as varnish and sludge has an impact on machine failure and abnormal wear.


High Performance Harmless Purifier

Applicable to high viscosity and all type of oils. 

Ex-Dri is an innovative product that can be applied to all different kinds of oils including high viscosity and removes a.m. three types of forms of the water.


The SEC as fluid flows through the cleaning round cell, the particles and deposit. On either the negative and positive electrode. It removes all sizes particles including varnish and deposits.

Portable Purifier

With the oil service unit, hydraulic or lubrication system can simply be filtered and cleaned. And it can be transferred without using the filter function.

The compact size and innovative design allows for easy handling in minimal work spaces.

Ferro Block Pad

Ferrous abrasive particles, which adversely affect the lubrication / hydraulic system, have to rapidly remove iron abrasive particles because they act to increase the wear exponentially according to the principle of chain abrasion.



All equipment failures are caused by contamination (moisture / particles)

Particularly, water contamination can cause unexpected failure of the equipment due to the destruction of the oil film (lubricating film) caused by moisture and the occurrence of corrosion. This contamination flows through the gap in the poor air breather or equipment. 

Magic Block Breather

Module Type Air Breather

It is fitted with several modules to protect all contaminants such as moisture, particle and oil mist. It was optimally designed to meet different system environments on the site.

M2 Breather

Shield of small equipment such as air breather / pump or reducer without micro corrosion

The M2 Micro Micron Breather is a product that provides optimal performance for a small amount of flow, with a lot of dust around it. The M2 Micro Micron Breather removes the source of contamination and extends the life of equipment and oil.

Mist Adaptor

Oil Mist Adaptor was developed to prevent oil mist
discharged from lubrication oil in the gearbox and
bearing housing before it damages and accelerates
clogging of the breather. It can solve the problem of pump caused by oil mist and it is patented product.

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