Optimal Solution for lubricant degradation and contamination.


Total Solution for removing particle, water, acid, sludge and varnish by one purifier.

Particle and water contamination cause serious operating problems and shorten life span of the equipment.

Also, oil degradation by-products which generates sludge and varnish destroys lubricating film and brings metal to metal contact. It leads to abnormal wear and equipment failure eventually.


High Performance Dehydration and Drying Purifier

Can remove all three(3) types of water, i.e., free, emulsified and dissolved water.


Can operate with high viscosity oil up to 460cSt.

Remove water without depletiion of additives

Oil Filtration Unit Series

OFU(Oil Filtration Unit) series is the most reliable and efficient solution to protect equipment from external contaminants and oil degradation, which are root cause for failure of the equipment.

Ergonomic design and portable compact size allow easy handling and safety for transporation and working on site


Effectively remove sub-micron particles and degradation by-products such as sludge and varnish.

Good solution for servo valve problem and abnormal wear.

Round cell type provides bigger filteration area and higher filtration efficiency comparing with conventional flat type purifier.

Compact size allows easy installation even in limited space.


GooD-A/N is dry air/nitrogen purging purifier to remove water of oil in the tank or gear box.

Continuous operation keep positive pressure in the head space of the tank and prevents oil to contact with air, thus oil degradation is delayed.

Best application is EHC unit in the power station. cooling tower gearbox and high viscosity oil.

Ferro Block Pad

Ferro Block Pad is magnetic rubber pad which is attached to the outer surface of spin-on filter housing.

It collects magnetic metal particles flowing into the filter media and extends life span of the filter media.

Fine particles smaller than 1mixron can be removed by Ferro Block Pad.

Can use permanently.

(Magic Block Breather)

Moduler Type Air Breather for Particle and Water Economic selection of reguired module depending on application.

Integrated exhaust valve allows direct discharge of air from the tank to the outside, thus life span of desiccant is extended.

(Micro Micron) Breather

Shield for small sized equipment such as pump or gearbox.

Hydrophobic filter media with 1micron fineness prevents ingress of particle and water.

Recommend to replace existing vent plug with M² breather to protect equipmejt from external contaminants