Optimal Solution for Lubricant Condition Diagnosis.


Varnish Potential Evaluation System
By MPC (Membrane Patch Colorimetry)

Vartector detects the risk of turbine oil varnish ASTM D7843. The CIE delta E value, the optical colorimetric notation, is used to diagnose the risk of varnish formation.


ParVision-Pro is Innovative equipment that solves measurement and diagnostics in one instrument.

It can diagnoses and monitors the contamination level, moisture, particle shape and type diagnosis, and life span of lubricants or diesel fuel in one pass.

Ferro-Mon Sensor

Ferro-Mon Sensor monitors and diagnoses the amount of iron debris particles contained in the lubricating or hydraulic oil and provides signals at early stage when amount of wear particles reaches certain dangerous level, which is new concept of real time on-line monitoring system for ferromagnetic wear particles.

Oil-Mon Sensor

Oil-Mon Sensor is real time multi-channel oil condition monitoring sensor for degradation and contamination status of used oil.

Four(4) of particle contamination/ oxidation/ relative humidity/ temperature can be monitored and diagnosed by one sensor

FAC Viscometer

Portable & Fast Kinematic Viscosity Tester

 SF-FAC02 is Kinematic Viscosity tester that is integrated with automatic cleaning system. It is designed to easily and quickly measure the kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils at different temperature on site.


Visual monitoring water ingress in the oil in service.

Outer chamber prevents oil leakage by inner chamber breakage under cold weather. Two chambers are connected by thread and visualize water ingress status in the oil.

Horizontal or vertical installation possible depending on available space on site.

3D X-Vision

3D oil level sight glass provides visual monitoring of oil level in service from any angles. 

Double transparent sight glass prevents oil leakage even when broken by external shock and provides good visibility by preventing contaminants piling up on the glass surface.